Top places to visit in Dubai

  • The Dubai Museum - Map
  • Jumeirah Mosque - Map
  • Jumeirah Archaeological Site - Map
  • Jumeirah Beach Park - Map
  • Dubai Zoo - Map
  • Creek Park - Map
  • Safa Park - Map
  • Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House - Map
  • Burjuman Shopping Centre - Map
  • Lamcy Plaza - Map
  • Wafi Shopping Mall - Map
  • Deira City Centre - Map

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Dubai Discount Hotel Overview

Dubai Hotel Overview

Dubai Hotels contribute to the sleekness and modernity of the emirate of Dubai. Dubai is a modern city without any of the negative aspects often associated with city life, such as air pollution, traffic jams, poverty or crime. It is truly a vacation paradise (visit from October-May to escape the hottest weather). Over 700,000 call Dubai home and it contains every convenience you would expect in a modern city along with quite a few surprises. Visitors will enjoy a wide array of activities and can see some of the best modern architecture in the world. Stop by the Dubai Mall Aquarium which not only has a spectacular tunnel aquarium, but also houses one of the largest malls in the world. Go to Ski Dubai, an incredible 22,500 square meter indoor ski park covered in snow year round. There you can escape the hot weather by skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Hotels in Dubai will afford you close proximity to all the city has to offer. Stay at the beautiful Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Hotel, or the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai’s only seven star hotel. It’s an awesomely luxurious hotel shaped like a sailboat with a helipad on top. To be conveniently close to all the action taking place in Dubai, try the Ibis World Trade Centre Hotel. Your Dubai vacation would not be complete without a drive through The Palm Jumeirah, a neighborhood consisting of small individual man-made islands arranged to resemble a palm tree when viewed from the air. Marvel at the Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed (f/k/a the Burj Dubai), the world’s tallest building, coming in at 160 jaw-dropping stories. Stroll through the gardens, lakes and waterfalls of the Emirates Towers, an example of Dubai’s striking modern architecture. Additional attractions include the Wal Wadi water amusement park, Dubai Creek cruises, regular and “sand” golfing, dune bashing, hot air balloon rides, the Dubai Zoo, the Dubai Museum, and Jumeirah Mosque, one of the few mosques open to the public. Dubai hotels offer their guests convenience, service and value, in all while providing top-notch accommodations. Book your Dubai hotel room today and experience one of the most fascinating places in the UAE firsthand!

Dubai Hotels - Discount Price Range

Dubai Hotel Price Range

Are you possibly looking for a cheap hotel in Dubai? How about a 7 star hotel? Dubai hotels span the entire range. Look at our top 3 hotel recommendations across three budget categories and our top 10 hotel recommendations across the same categories to find a hotel that fits your budget. If you are trying to save money on your trip a Dubai vacation package would be in order. Book your flight and hotel together and save. People who book their flights to Dubai and their hotel at the same time save an average of $525!

Discount Dubai Hotel Types

Dubai Hotel Types

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