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Winter is the Perfect Time to Visit Miami

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Miami, Florida is the US city closest to the island of Cuba- and the city of Miami features many of the cultural, historical, musical and artistic delights of Cuba. The hot, hot, hot spice, the sultry music, the people, the delicious foods, the festive yet sensual clothing, and the lifestyle of Cuba is the heart and soul of Miami, Florida.
The nightlife in Miami is one of the hottest in the world, and the Miami clubs, hot spots, bars and restaurants are ready to introduce you to the brilliance of this big, beautiful city at once the sun sets. From the beaches to the dance floor, visitors are close to the hotness of Miami.
If you want to sit back and let the sun kiss your kiss, you are more than welcome to visit one of the many beaches that Miami provides. If you prefer soaking up the sun by the pool, you won’t go wrong with spending some time poolside at one of the thousands of Miami hotels. These hotels range from the spicy Spanish, the cool classic Mediterranean, and the awesome contemporary in theme.
Visiting Miami was great because it wasn’t too far away, didn’t cost too much, and was the most fun anyone could imagine for a week.