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Let’s Talk About Dublin Ireland

Monday, November 29th, 2010

A trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a few days and nights in the city of Dublin. Historically, Dublin was settled by Vikings and eventually became the Kingdom of Dublin, but would eventually become the capitol city of the Emerald Isle.
The name Dublin means, black pool, but you wouldn’t think that such a bright and lively city could be named such a thing. Because Dublin is old, you shouldn’t be surprised that there is a huge castle and even some underground tunnels filled with hidden history that many Dubliners would have preferred stayed buried.
Ireland is a land of music, rich foods, dancing, beer, and pure Irish pride, but you won’t see any of those things more clearly than in Dublin. Irish Step Dancing is a form of dancing that can get very tiring to do, but watching it can be very enjoyable. The whiskey and beers created in Dublin breweries and stills is some of the finest in Europe- once you try it, you’ll be thirsty for more.
The weather in Dublin is glorious. The city enjoys a maritime climate, which means that its winters are mild, its summers are cool, and you’ll never have to experience any kind of temperature extreme. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it?
Visiting Dublin is something that everyone should do- the Irish love to welcome visitors with a hearty handshake and a pint! So visit our Dublin travel planning page and book your vacation package for less!